When and how to plant tulips in the fall

Planting onion plants in the autumn period provides them with timely and excellent flowering in the next season

Planting onion plants in the autumn period provides them with timely and excellent flowering in the next season. This article will consider when to plant tulips in the fall so that they are well rooted, easily transferred wintering in open soil.

In general, tulip bulbs are allowed to plant in the ground in autumn and spring. But in the spring months, only newcomers are planted with tulips who are not aware of the rules for planting bulbous crops. But experienced flower growers and gardeners are quite right when they recommend planting tulip bulbs in the fall.

Planting tulips in the fall in the ground - a responsible matter. After all, the quantity and quality of blossoming buds in the spring season depends on compliance with the rules of planting, on proper care. Incorrectly chosen time, failure to comply with important landing rules for planting material often leads to irrecoverable and undesirable consequences.

Incorrectly chosen time, failure to comply with important landing rules for planting material often leads to irrecoverable and undesirable consequences

The most optimal time for planting tulip bulbs in autumn

If you choose the wrong time of planting flowers: onions freeze, rot, sometimes they sprout, but late, with a bad bloom. As a result, all the forces are wasted.

Some inexperienced gardeners and flower lovers often care about the question: "When to plant tulips - in the fall or is it in the spring?"

In this connection, planting tulip bulbs is considered preferential in the fall than in the spring season? The whole problem is that the tulips planted in spring bloom late and they have ugly buds.

Quite fast germination of tulips is associated with the so-called "cooling period". After all, it is during this period of time that substances appear in the bulbs that ensure good development, plant growth. Wild tulips mostly spring up in the spring after the snow melts, as a result of which gardeners tend to create similar conditions for cultivated plant species.

Wild tulips mostly spring up in the spring after the snow melts, as a result of which gardeners tend to create similar conditions for cultivated plant species

Tulip bulbs can be planted even in December in the presence of snow, but in such a situation it is necessary to cover the flowerbed with spruce leaves, dry leaves, and snow to prevent flowers from freezing.

But in spite of everything, sometimes even experienced gardeners are mistaken with setting ideal dates when planting tulip bulbs in the fall. If you are late with planting - the bulbs do not root before the cold (later germination), you do it very early - the plants sprout already in the autumn season and freeze at the very first cold.

And even with the early planting, the flower garden can easily overgrow with herbs, weeds, which in spring and summer will interfere with the normal development of tulips.

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The most optimal time is when the temperature of the soil is from +8 to -10 degrees. Basically, this temperature occurs in the 20th of September or in early October. These terms are non-permanent, it all depends on the weather. As noted above, I planted early - the tulips will not bloom in spring or they will freeze at all. He made the planting late - the plants do not have time to take root (30-45 days), in connection with which the poor development of these plants will be observed in the spring. And yet: “When will the tulips be planted in the fall?” The answer is unequivocal: “It is necessary to plant tulips at a time when the temperature of the soil is up to +10 degrees”.

The sight should not be overlooked and the depth of disembarkation, which should be equal to 3 diameters of the size of a flower bulb. Seedlings should be located at a distance of 10 cm from each other and 25 cm between rows.

Planting flowers should be done carefully to avoid damage to the root system of plants. After planting the bulbs, it is necessary to align the beds. This is done so that the water does not stagnate in one place and is distributed evenly throughout the site.

Weather conditions are always different. The answer to the question when to plant tulips in the fall, just tell the nature itself. If in the future there is no need for digging, the place where the flowers grow, it is better to select in some way, for example - with a stick. After all, otherwise, when carrying out various works in the garden, you can damage the roots of plants.

Follow specific rules for preserving flower bulbs

Bulbs should be harvested when their leaves turn yellow and the bulb scales turn light brown. The maturity of the bulbs can be determined by the following method: the end of the stem is wrapped in a ring. If the ring turns around easily - the onion is ripe.

Digging a flower bulb in time is very important. If it is done early, the scale will be weak, not mature, and therefore the bulb will be very difficult to store, it is very easy to damage, and it is quickly affected by fungal infections. Early digging leads to the loss of the decorative features of the flower. Late digging is also impossible, because you can not find the onion, it becomes over-ripe, the leaves of flowers are scattered, there is a danger of damage by a shovel.

You can dig up tulips from the end of June until the middle of July. The bulbs must be sorted separately by type, removing and discarding the damaged, the sick.

How to store tulip bulbs correctly until autumn and until planting? Store the bulbs in a ventilated room, where daylight does not pass and where there are no drafts. The main condition is to maintain the optimum temperature in the room. If the building is very cold, a flower bud may not appear for a long time. Also, violation of the regime can lead to the appearance of "blind" buds. Therefore, during storage it is always necessary to inspect the tulips, removing sick, rotten specimens. Only with proper care will good, healthy planting material be provided.

In July, the temperature in the room should be 25 degrees, in August - about 20. But in September the temperature should be reduced to 17 ° C and the room should be ventilated less.

Every experienced gardener has his own secrets about storing tulips before planting in the fall.

Important requirements for good storage:

  • digging the bulbs should be done carefully to eliminate mechanical damage and fungal infections;
  • Onions should be stored in boxes (preferably in wooden ones); a window for a thermometer can be made;
  • all copies must be laid separately, otherwise they may zatopat and stale;
  • Onions need to be slightly covered with sawdust, they absorb excess moisture;
  • indoors, the surface on which the drawers will be located should be dry;
  • temperature control (optimum is 15 degrees).

Certain types of tulip bulbs (like other bulbous) can be preserved until autumn by keeping them in the refrigerator, where the temperature is 3-5 degrees.

How to plant tulips in the ground

Tulip beds should be made in places where there is a lot of light and a flat surface of the soil. Incorrectly chosen place with a large number of holes can cause rotting of the roots of the flower, as the soil in such areas is very wet.

In areas that are not penetrated by sunlight, the plants bloom for a long time, the buds are small and ugly.

Plot of soil intended for planting flowers, must be prepared in accordance with all the rules, it must be dug over and fertilized. Slightly acidic soil is suitable for this crop, so it will be good if the soil is fertilized with wood ash, compost, and phosphate fertilizers.

Beautiful flowering will provide good planting material: large and healthy bulbs.

Before planting plants in the ground, planting material should be put at night in the refrigerator. In the morning, the bulbs must be treated with a solution of potassium permanganate and antifungal agent.

Important rules for planting in autumn:

  • it is necessary to decide on a site, choose the most suitable place where there is good lighting;
  • plants should provide loose, soft soil;
  • the land should be dug over and fertilized;
  • bulbs should be planted at a depth of 15 cm;
  • the distance between plants should be 10 cm;
  • larger bulbs must be left in the center;
  • before planting it is necessary to sort the plants;
  • In winter, plants must be protected from rodents.

Before the onset of cold weather, you should have time to cover the tulips with straw, leaves of trees ... These measures prevent the flowers from freezing and increase the yield in the next season.

From when to plant tulips in the fall, next season depends on their development, growth, flowering, and beauty of the buds. If you follow all the rules of planting bulbs, tulips will certainly thank for excellent flowering.

Autumn is a great time for planting flowers, which in subsequent seasons will delight the whole family and surrounding people with their inflorescence and smell.

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