Tips for the real Lovelace


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Normally, ladies' men condemn. Many men are really jealous of such guys! Why? It's simple, today they are walking with one beautiful girl, and tomorrow with another. For many men, this is an indicator. Lovelace not born so everyone has their own secrets. Want to know them? Read our article to the end and win any girl!

Read our article to the end and win any girl

The main rule of any Lovelace is not to become attached to a girl.

For a true lover of women, it’s important not the quality of girls, but their number. If you decide to devote yourself to this lifestyle, then it is important to enjoy the time spent with a lot of girls, and not to stop at one. It happens after long communication that the girl wants a serious relationship, but for you this is not the best option? Use our tips to avoid this:

  • No need to complicate the situation. Just enjoy the time you spent with a certain girlfriend, but don't fall in love. Spend more time with her in bed, and if, suddenly, you notice that she starts talking to topics that are uncomfortable for you, and also takes your relationship seriously, change the topic as soon as possible.
  • When you understand that start to get close to the girl - this is the best time to end your relationship. If she has recently started talking about life or suddenly wants to move in with you or starts planning romantic trips, then she is most likely in love and wants to continue your romance, but this is not an option and therefore you should go further.
  • Think of pleasure, no sentimentality. The moment you notice a beautiful girl on the horizon, think about how you will have fun together, laugh, kiss, dance, have sex . But, in any case, do not think about how you grow old together or which of you will be more like children. Think only of the pleasant enjoyment that awaits you, no doubt.
  • It happens that the time comes when a man finds a truly perfect girl. Yes, it happens, but it happens very rarely. If you feel that you want to devote all your free time to her, and when she is there, then you forget about everything, including all the other girls in the world, then you have found your ideal. Do not resist this, sooner or later this can happen to every man. Do not be afraid of relationships and dedicate yourself to one person.

Do not be afraid of relationships and dedicate yourself to one person

Self-confidence - the key to success for any lady in love .

Perhaps you have a natural, captivating voice and a beautiful gait, but if your thinking is like that of all men, you cannot achieve all desired women . Constantly you need to be on top and be confident in your abilities, but how can this be achieved:

  • Get rid of your shortcomings. Think about your flaws and correct them. We very often “fly away” when talking with someone, like to interrupt the interlocutor and do not know how to organize your time correctly? Think about how to change yourself and you will see how the girls reach out to you. There are no ideal people, but still it is worth working on yourself to be desired.
  • Do not worry, down with alarm. If something disturbs you, then this is not the best time to meet girls. A girl should see that you are involved in communication with her, but if you think about your problems and not notice what she says, then in ninety percent of cases it will be a disastrous acquaintance.
  • Positive thinking. When you appear at a club, at a party or in another place where a lot of girls then think about a few things that you value most about yourself. Forget about the shortcomings and try to make a positive impression while dating women.

Think through all the moves ahead.

Do you like chess? In love, all the same. You need to be one step ahead, at least one. If you think only about the present and live in the moment, then it will be difficult for girls. Here's what you can do: think about what you will be doing in the next evening. If you were going to the club, then think about where you will go with the girl you enchant. It can be a quiet place, but you should not immediately drag her to your apartment. You can go to a quieter bar, where there will be not so much loud music, and you can chat nicely, go to a party with friends or if she doesn’t really like to dance, then you can go to a cinema or a restaurant. Think ahead to be ready for anything. If you recently broke off relations with another girl and do not know what to do for the weekend, then you should definitely check the contact list in your phone and choose a new beauty. for a great time .

for a great time

Training occupies not the last place in the life of a lovelace. You can not always have fun and katit, not giving anything in return. In this mode of life, you can quickly lose health, so you need to spend a lot of time in the gym. To seduce a woman is much easier if you have a beautiful body, but many do without it. Try to keep yourself in shape and start with running for a start of two kilometers. How do you show yourself Don Juan, if the girl you liked cannot be caught up? Strengthen your body and muscles. Do not feel sorry for yourself, develop your abs, chest and shoulders. In the gym, you can do approaches to the bar in a lying position, or play mobile sports, such as basketball or boxing. With all the athletic load, do not forget to eat right. When you come home after a workout, you need healthy food, fruits and the like. Proper nutrition will help burn fat and build muscle mass you are aiming for. And when you go on a date with a girl, then there you can already order a steak and eat plenty, showing that You are the real man .

Wardrobe must be impeccable.

Girls love neat guys, that's a fact. It is necessary to look as attractive and tidy as possible, but at the same time spectacular. Girl should want measure your clothes on yourself, this is the main essence of good clothes.

  • Choose a good underwear that does not press. If in some way, during a conversation, you can demonstrate your press, then be sure that the girl herself wants to know what is under your clothes.
  • Get a shirt with long sleeve buttons and wear it with a fitted t-shirt. All the girls will want to undress you, to take a closer look at the muscles that you hide from them under it. Try to pick up a shirt so that you can see your muscles.
  • Beautiful shoes also plays an important role. It does not matter whether you go to a restaurant or work out in the gym, your shoes should be beautiful, brand new and expensive. So, the girls immediately realize that if you spend on shoes, then for her you will not regret anything.
  • Buy all the necessary accessories of any ladies' man. It can be a gold chain, only a big one, so that your wealth can be seen, or a piece of jewelry that immediately set you apart from the crowd . It is not always necessary to be sophisticated, buy an unusual belt or watch so that all the girls only look at you.

It is not always necessary to be sophisticated, buy an unusual belt or watch so that all the girls only look at you

It is important to stay attractive and sensual in bed.

Everything that you say to the girl you like should not end up as a blatant lie and deception. What needs to be done to avoid being in an uncomfortable situation and not hitting your face with dirt?

  • Passionate kisses. Yes, here, many men do everything wrong in the very first minutes, and consider that the whole mood for an intimate relationship just evaporates. No need to rush and throw up kisses on the girl, trying to immediately shove her tongue into her mouth. According to the research institute of the Belgian Institute, ninety-five percent of women do not like this intimate connection, so be careful. Start with gentle kisses that will surely please her and lead her.
  • Massage. Start with the shoulders, then lower down to the lower back and beautiful legs. Thus, the girl will see that you know how to behave with the female body, and will double your repay later when it is her turn to show what she can.
  • In bed, do not hurry. This is one of the basic rules that also needs to be considered. Tease your partner , try to get her in all possible ways, so she wanted you the way no one else wanted. Try not to start sex immediately, as the girl may not be ready. Many girls like to retire to the bathroom or tidy themselves up before they please their man.
  • After sex, do not immediately run away. No need to linger for a long time and spend a few hours with the girl, but do not run away immediately. Leaving the girl alone after sex, you will undoubtedly make her unpleasant, but you should not do it so quickly. Thirty or forty minutes will be enough to discuss everything that happened between you. At this time, you might think, whether you want repeat sex and whether it is necessary to continue to communicate with the girl or she is not good enough, and the next date and all those resulting from it will be gone. Do not tell the girl that you no longer plan to see her. It is better to wait for the moment of separation and then tell her by phone or SMS, it will be easier.

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Want to know them?
It happens after long communication that the girl wants a serious relationship, but for you this is not the best option?
We very often “fly away” when talking with someone, like to interrupt the interlocutor and do not know how to organize your time correctly?
Do you like chess?
How do you show yourself Don Juan, if the girl you liked cannot be caught up?
What needs to be done to avoid being in an uncomfortable situation and not hitting your face with dirt?
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