How to put the dog's ears. How to put the ears of a dog

  1. How to put the ears of the dog
  2. We put ears to different breeds of dogs
  3. How to put the ears of a dog - method number 1
  4. How to put the ears of a dog - method number 2

There are many different breeds of dogs and the most important thing is that all of them have their own characteristics. For example, you may not know how to put your dog's ears correctly. This is done only for aesthetic reasons and functional sense does not carry absolutely no. Only occasionally can this be done for hygiene purposes. So, how is this procedure performed. To begin with, it is performed after the cupping of the ears, if you decide to apply the cupping at all. Further, we note that this procedure is most needed Yorkshire terriers, sheepdogs, chow-chow, likes and other similar dogs. It happens that the ears of these breeds arise themselves, but in most cases it is necessary to perform a whole range of actions that leads to the desired result. In this case, the lack of subtleties, so go ahead.

How to put the ears of the dog

You can do this at home. In principle, you will only need to gain experience, which will be the basis of your skill. A lot of patience will also come in handy. The procedure is carried out when the puppy is 3-4 months old. Here are the actions that we need to get the desired result:

1. add enough calcium to the dog's diet, but be careful not to have too much of it.

2. A truly effective strengthening of the ear cartilage occurs by adding gelatin to the feed.

3. We don’t let the dog scratch his ear, watch it closely and try to wean.

4. part of the time will not need to touch the dog's head.

5. on the ears will need to regularly cut the hair.

6. There is a special ear massage technique that we will need.

7. In some cases, you will need to glue the ears.

The most unusual and at the hearing, and in fact is the procedure of gluing the ears. Perhaps you have heard about it, then you already know that it is needed only as a last resort if all the preceding paragraphs are fulfilled, but this has not yielded any results. We will need to clean and degrease the ears of our shaggy friend. The next step, we need a textile glue, which is ideal for then to separate the ears. In addition, patches are perfect, but it is important that the dog does not feel irritation. The third option is a wire crown. If we talk about the patch, now it is the most popular option. We will need to cut a patch of small size into squares. The first of them will need to stick on the inner surface of the ear, approximately at the base of the cartilage. Next, we will have to glue the pieces of plaster, moving up. Between the ears will need to make a special jumper, with which they will keep parallel. If you are interested in the wire method, then this is the use of a special ingenuous crown, which, by the way, can be purchased in finished form. A few weeks with such a thing on the head of the dog go without problems, because they quickly get used to them and stop paying any attention.

Remember that you can be given professional help. If things are going really bad, you can find special announcements that are called something like “Put ears” - short and clear.

We put ears to different breeds of dogs

At 90% for different breeds, this procedure is absolutely the same and it does not need to be surprised. Of course, there are some subtleties, the consideration of which will also not be a superfluous parameter. For example, to really effectively put the ears yorkshire terrier , enough textile leu, because the ears themselves are pretty light and gentle - excessive manipulations with them will be superfluous. There is one subtlety in this business - you need to regularly cut the ears to give them a rest. If you do this once a week or twice a week, then the ears will be in the right position, and the dog will not worry too much.

If we talk about Dobermans, then there will have to suffer. You could already stumble on the story of how many problems with this. This is true, so you need to act as carefully as possible. Within a day after cupping, you need to start. Here we will need a crown of wire, in addition, the Doberman is an active and playful dog, therefore it will be necessary to watch all day so that the crown is on the head.

It is important to remember that even the most detailed manual will not tell you all the details about this procedure - you need advice from veterinarians and breeders. Practice shows that even a conversation in 10-15 minutes after the procedure of cupping has already given you a much more understanding of what needs to be done, than a far more time-consuming independent trial and error. Observe these rules is not difficult, so do not delay the request for professional help.

How to put the ears of a dog - method number 1

Take cotton wool. Make it a strong roller like a tampon. Wrap the roller with gauze or a bandage and fix with a plaster. Wrap the dog's ear with a roller and wrap the ear with a plaster. Do the same with the second ear. After that, it is necessary to connect the ears with a strip of plaster at the base, so that they stand vertically and parallel. The height of the roller should correspond to the height of the dog's ear. The width of the roller should be such that it could wrap his dog's ear. Wrap your ears with plaster is not very tight, so as not to disrupt blood circulation. Be sure to leave the tips of the ears not wrapped with a plaster to check how the blood circulates in the dog's ear.

How to put the ears of a dog - method number 2

This method is suitable for dogs of small breeds. Cut out two ovals from the wide patch, repeating the dog's ear. Apply one oval to the inner surface of the ear. Then cut the tire out of any hard material, such as an unnecessary plastic card. Stick the tire on the second oval of the patch so that the tire is in the middle. Stick the splint on the adhesive tape in the dog's ear. As a tire, you can use a match or a plastic stick.

There are breeds dogs, whose ears are on cartilage. Sometimes the ears start to wrinkle. These creases can also be glued with a plaster.

According to the standard, the ears of a smooth-haired Toy Terrier should stand, and, preferably, without any creases. Let us tell you how to get rid of the problem of hanging ears. In this case, we will help sticking ears, here is the scheme:

Properly using the technique you will achieve the correct setting of the ears in Toy Terrier without such consequences as diaper rash or irritation.

We will need:

  1. Of course the dog itself;
  2. Hypoallergenic plaster (breathable);
  3. Scissors;
  4. Pieces of plastic, from which we cut out frames for the ears of a dog;
  5. Chlorhexidine (antiseptic).

Cut off a piece of plaster in size slightly smaller than the size of the ear, and glue a plastic frame into it.

We make two blanks for each dog's ear. We glue another patch with a non-sticky side to our blanks from the frame and the plaster; as a result, we will get a skeleton between two pieces of plaster with one sticky side.

For aesthetics and convenience, dogs trim our blanks to the shape of the ear.

Before gluing, we treat the ears with the antiseptic Chlorhexidine, it also acts as a degreaser and does not dry the skin. We apply antiseptic on cotton wool, and process the ears inside and outside. Next, thoroughly dry the dog's ears with a paper towel. When the ears are dry, glue the design into the dog's ear, as shown in the photo, and carefully smooth it out.

When the ears are dry, glue the design into the dog's ear, as shown in the photo, and carefully smooth it out

Observing symmetry, we glue both ears of the dog.

Then we cut a patch on the coil in the middle.

We unwind the tape of the patch approximately 7-10 centimeters in length.

We divide the tape of the patch into two parts of equal width.

Cut the tapes off the patch.

We will use a tape made of plaster as a toy for a toy terrier, which will help to give the ear the correct position. We begin to glue the ear out from the center (the plastic frame is located right in the center), gently weed the ear with tape, by no means pulling it. If you glue everything correctly, it will not bother the dog. The ribbed side of the tape should not be on the base of the ear, so as not to cause irritation to the delicate skin of the dog.

We finish the circular tacking, leaving about 1 centimeter between the edges of the ear. Through this small non-sealed area, the dog's ear will “breathe” and you will always see the ear and be able to clean it if necessary.

Through this small non-sealed area, the dog's ear will “breathe” and you will always see the ear and be able to clean it if necessary

At the end of the pasting, carefully smooth the plaster on both ears of the dog so that it does not peel off and fit as closely as possible.

This is how you should succeed, I draw your attention to the way the Toy Terrier's ears are set correctly, the ears are set high and even.

This is how you should succeed, I draw your attention to the way the Toy Terrier's ears are set correctly, the ears are set high and even

The gluing should be done depending on the size of the ear, thickness and heredity. Some dogs have enough to wear the glued construction for 14-15 days, others take a month, some dogs need to be glued until the milk teeth are completely changed. In order to achieve a greater pasting effect, you can give vitamins that strengthen ear cartilage . If everything is done correctly, the construction will not cause irritation, the plaster lasts for about two weeks, and approximately at this time it should be changed. You do not need to give your ears a rest; by doing so you break the meaning of pasting by peeling off the plaster, immediately start everything from the beginning.

These small care efforts will be repaid, and your dog will delight you and those around you with beautiful, correct ears.

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