How to determine the presence of a video camera in the room. How not to look for hidden cameras

  1. Hidden camera detection methods
  2. Use of detectors detecting video cameras
  3. Field indicators

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When discussing the search for bugs and hidden cameras in the network, there are often erroneous advice from people who are not fully versed in this matter. The abundance of such judgments and inspired to write this article in the spirit of "5 myths about the search for hidden cameras."

So, what they say about finding hidden cameras, and why this is not true.

1. Hidden cameras are equipped with IR illumination and can be detected by looking at them through the IR filter.
There are two points. Firstly, IR illuminations usually have either Chinese crafts, called spy cameras, or ordinary cameras 24-hour video surveillance for security systems. IR illumination is a unmasking factor, which, naturally, contradicts the very essence of spy cameras.
Secondly, it is impossible to see the IR illumination with the eye, because the eye sees radiation in the range from 400 to 700 nanometers, and the IR illumination of cameras usually lies in the range of 800 - 950 nanometers, which the eye does not see. Filters do not change the wavelength of radiation, but do not miss part of the spectrum. IR filters, respectively, delay all visible radiation. Through them, the eye will not see anything at all - they will not let in visible light, but infrared radiation will not feel the eye.
In order to find a camera with IR illumination, no special equipment is required. A video camera that is sensitive to IR is enough - a home camera with a mode will completely disappear night shooting , a camera or even a camera on your phone.

2. In order for the camera lens to light up, you need to light on it with a laser with a certain wavelength.
There is no special radiation to make the lens shine. Any source of illumination will do. Visible - for eye or infrared observation - in opto-electronic camera detectors. It does not have to be a laser, it can be a LED or even a light bulb.

3. Be sure to need a special filter, without it nothing will not be visible.
Light filters are installed in camera detectors solely to increase the visible brightness of the glare from the camera against background glare from other light sources. Fundamentally important for the detection of glare filter has not. The use of light filters makes sense only when using a monochrome backlight - a red filter when using a red backlight, green - with green, infrared - with IR illumination. If the backlight is white or the transmission spectrum of the filter does not match the spectrum of the backlight, then the filter will muffle the useful signal along with extraneous highlights and will only be harmful.

4. When working, the cameras heat up and, looking through a special filter, you can find the camera at the place of heating.
If the camera was heated up to 800 degrees in the process, then its glow could be seen with the eye. And so the cameras heat up to no more than 50 degrees and radiate only in the long-wave infrared range with a wavelength of more than 3000 nanometers. So, you can see the thermal radiation of a working camera only with a thermal imager, but not with an eye or a video camera. And, of course, no filters will help here.

By and large, to discover hidden camcorder just one flashlight is enough. It is only necessary to bring it as close to the eye as possible so that the direction of its beam almost coincides with the direction of gaze. The rest is a matter of observation.

Specialized camera detectors differ from a flashlight in that certain technical solutions in order to bring the emitter as close as possible to the eye, reduce the influence of external interference and increase the visibility of the glare from the camera. Therefore, camera detectors make miniature and give them such a shape that it was convenient to hold them near the eye. Monochrome lighting, usually red, together with the corresponding light filter reduces the influence of extraneous glare. A pulsed mode of the backlight improves visibility - a blinking bright point is more likely to catch the eye than just glowing.

Finally, one example showing that no highly complex secret technology is required to detect optical systems. Everyone who photographed people with a flash at dusk came across this example - the so-called red-eye effect. The eye is the same optical device, similar in its action to the lens of a video camera. And it is perfectly detected by a simple camera with a flash, becoming bright red in the photographs. The reason for the redness of the eyes in photographs is a manifestation of the same effect of retroreflection, in one case it spoils the photographs, and in the other it helps to get rid of unwanted observers.

6250 rub

Every person at least once in his life seemed to be being watched. There are several options in this case: it can be either intuition or a simple false sense of persecution. The first option is to check and ascertain whether the intuition is deceiving or if someone has used special gadgets and decided to build their own video archive.

The modern world is rich in quirks and, to the great regret, miniature spy cameras are just a little bit of the ugliness that is happening around. Therefore, every person is not at all superfluous to know how to find a hidden camera at home, in the office, or even your own car.

Hidden camera detection methods

People wondering how to find a hidden video camera will not be superfluous to know that several basic types of recording optical devices are being used for surveillance. In particular, one type of video camera simply records video to an embedded carrier, while the second one can transmit a signal to external media (including mobile gadgets) over the air or interior network.

Find a hidden camera installed in the room or transport, in several ways:

  1. Using the field indicator. A special anti-spy device scans the space and allows you to detect a hidden camera. The technology only works if the camera transmits data over the air;
  2. Optical detection method. The gadget for searching video cameras is equipped with a special laser emitter that sends a beam. It is reflected from the camera's optical lens and returns to the detector. The location of the camera and the distance to it is displayed on a special display of the gadget;
  3. Electromagnetic method. It implies the use of special communication jammers.

Possible characteristics of hidden camera detectors:

Maximum detection range of video cameras, m

The number of modes of operation

Additional LEDs to search for cameras in the near zone

4 LEDs

2 LEDs


  • from the built-in battery;
  • from the network adapter 220V / 5V

It should be noted that you can find a video camera by the most simple method - visual. Banal inspection of the room will help detect the camera, even if they are well hidden. Most often hidden cameras Tracks are installed in plugs for sockets, chandeliers, smoke detectors, air conditioners and even indoor plants. In addition, before finding a hidden camera with special devices It will also be good to see soft toys, furniture and household appliances in room.

Details of a person’s personal life should not become known to another person. Any such intrusion violates the constitutional rights of a citizen. However, today you can easily buy a hidden video camera or other spy device for conducting illegal surveillance.

For everyone has become familiar covert video surveillance in hotels or even in the toilets of entertainment. Materials shot in this way are often laid out on the Internet or even used for the purpose of blackmail. Naturally, I would not like to see myself in such a place on a shared resource. But such a fate can befall everyone. Surveillance is usually conducted by stationary cameras, but there are cases when mounted in the clothing of the attendants or an occasional inconspicuous visitor. Even specially looking at such things, they can not be detected. However, it is possible to protect themselves from such shocking surprises. It is only necessary to learn in time to understand that you are being monitored.

Hidden devices are most often hidden in the following places:

  • power outlets;
  • lighting fixtures;
  • indoor plants;
  • ventilation holes;
  • crevices in the canopies;
  • stationary clock.

Use of detectors detecting video cameras

This technique allows you to find a video camera within the office or apartment. The detector even keeps carefully hidden, for example, outside the window or in a button of one of the employees. The device resembles ordinary binoculars in form. It recognizes the rays reflected by the camera lens. No bug does not do without such an important detail. The light entering the lens optics is reflected without fail. The detector catches it, and copes with its task even in an unlit room.

Field indicators

Another easy way to detect hidden devices is to use field indicators. They capture and recognize the electromagnetic waves emitted by the included video equipment. If you scan a room with such a device, it will surely show the presence of video cameras working in it. You can buy the indicator in free sale. One should only remember one unpleasant property of the device. It responds to any electromagnetic radiation, which is shrouded in the space of modern offices and apartments, due to the massive use of various wireless networks.

In crowded places there are no restrictions on shooting. This is necessary to ensure their safety. However, the publication of videos is allowed only with the consent of the participants shot in them. If you find hidden cameras in places of personal use - a hotel room, bathroom or toilet, you must contact the appropriate authority.

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